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Your Child’s Birth Report analysis explained

2 reviews for CHILD BIRTH REPORT

  1. anna martens (verified owner)

    Jennifer thank you so much!! it was almost hilarious how you found the caracteristics of my twins!! the differences between the boy and girl with the same planetary positions was so remarkable exactly explaned by you!! wonderful and very very exact! thank you so much!! Anna Martens

    • jennifer

      Anna, hope you are your family are doing well. And that you are excited for what comes for you in 2019. Love and luck to you. Jennifer xx

  2. anna martens (verified owner)

    dear Jennifer, thank you so much for the reading of my twins! It was so accurate and almost hilarious how exactly! The differences between the boy and the girl, although born at the same planetary time you made so wonderful clear to me, it really helps me to find new ways to approach each of them!! thank you !!

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