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or Book a Package for Jennifer’s Intuitive Life Coaching.

Once Jennifer receives your booking, she will list on your file your FREE Session. 

Need guidance, have a question, and want to know what’s coming up in your life?

Use for yourself or Gift to someone you love.


What’s happening in your life right now?

  • How lucky will you be with abundant Jupiter in the sign it rules?
  • What successes and challenges will 2019 bring you?

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Powerful Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions
​​​​​​​Are you ready to take control of your

Jennifer’s Intuitive Consultations for personal growth and business success combine her Intutitve Foresight, Personal Wisdom, Business Savvy and Astrological Insight.

She will help you feel positive, inspired and excited to move forward.

Jennifer’s insights will astonish you! 

  • Personal or business, stay on track
  • Business advice with a new prospective
  • Love guidance that puts you on the love-path
  • Regular consultations and follow up
  • Gain insight when you need it, now, not after
  • Valuable and straight to the point sessions
  • Discussion and insight that make sense
  • Action points that fit your schedule
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Clear your love attraction energy
  • Astrological timing
  • Intuitive Insight
  • Life-Coaching

Talk through your options in a confidential setting
Be accountable for your next move
Increase your productivity

Get ready for love, analyze your love history

Clear your love energy and boost your attraction factor 
Align with your inner thoughts and feelings
Consider the pros and cons
Choose the best time to move ahead
Strategies that make sense
Is it time to make a change?
Time you took back control of your life?
Do you feel stuck?
Are you at a cross road?
Do you need accountability?
Do you have a situation you are working through?
Or are you getting over a situation or scenario?
Need Help, Guidance, Options, Answers?

Do you want to fast track your success?

Is it time you allowed and invited abundance into your life?

Work with Jennifer on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. She will consult with you in a confidential manner and guide you to be successful in Love, Life, Business, Finances and all areas of your Life.
Invaluable insights!

Gain personal and business advice of people, companies, timing and strategy so you can take control of your life and step into your destined greatness!
Jennifer will design a custom program that is in line with what you want to accomplish.

Session/s Outline:

– Birth Chart Analysis
– Soul Life Purpose Revealed
– Karmic Factors and Influences
– Major Planetary Transits
– Solar Return Reading

Intuitive Foresight:
– Amazingly accurate insight into any situation, person or company
– Clarification of how things really are
– Confirmation of your own inner heart insights

Life Coaching – Love Business Life:
– Goal and value setting / where you are and where you want to be
– Find your passion, get in touch with your dream, and how to manifest it
– Conflict resolution – the skills to balance out any situation, clear the energy and move forward
– Who are you? How well do you really know yourself
– Meditative process that easy to incorporate in your daily life
– Cutting the life ties, leaving behind what no longer serves you
– Daily empowerment exercise
– Spiritual empowerment daily
– Love for life exercise
– Vibrational healing

SPECIAL- buy a discounted 3-pack and get one session FREE!

(Once you book, Jennifer will reach out to discuss your custom program)

Or contact Jennifer to discuss your Personalized Custom Program.

Thank you, 

Jennifer Angel




Jennifer will look at your chart, the transits and how they will influence your life and cover any specific questions you have.

Jennifer’s INTUITIVE ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS include a combination of her Astrological Studies, her Intuitive Clairvoyant Gift and Coaching skills. 
Her Unique way of conducting her readings provides answers, insight and reassurance the gives you confidence to walk the path of your heart and lead the life of your dreams.

What do other’s say about Jennifer:
“Jennifer is Spot On! Her Gift is Outstanding. Her Insights and Accuracy are Amazing! You won’t be disappointed.” Joanna.  

            PLEASE NOTE: A Personal Session with Jennifer Can be by phone, skype or if you are in Los Angeles, you can meet Jennifer for your session.
Once Jennifer receives your booking she will reach out to you via email to ask for your details so she can start working on your chart and prepare for your session.

Appointments are personal readings with Jennifer, conducted via Skype or Phone. Once Jennifer receives your booking, she will reach out to you via email to ask for your Birth Details and to find out what you would like to cover so she can structure your appointment, as well as set a day and time for your reading consultation. If you are located in USA or CANADA, she will call you on your phone. If you are located outside of USA, she uses the SKYPE app to make contact with you. She will work with you to find a suitable time working with different time zones. When your appointment is locked in and Jennifer has received your details and payment, she then does some preparation work on your chart and reading before your appointment. She creates charts and works out where things are and what they mean to you, all done in advance for your session.

You can book through the site, or Jennifer will send you a Pay Pal invoice. All payments are due at time of booking. Please note, as Jennifer starts preparing for your session before your appointment, payments need to be made at time of booking, unless otherwise agreed upon with Jennifer. Thank you.

All sessions are recorded, unless you prefer not to have a recording, Jennifer will confirm this with you at the commencement of your reading consultation. After your session, Jennifer will send you a MP3 downloadable link that you can save on your computer to listen to your session at a later date.

Thank you
I always feel honored when someone trusts me with his or her personal details, and I give each reading my full attention to provide the insights you are looking for to help you advance on your journey of life. Love and Luck to you, I look forward to connecting with you. Jennifer x

New Client $100. 30-min / $200 60-min
Repeat Client $90.00 30-min / $175 60-min
3-Pack 30-min $255
3-Pack 60-min $480

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Intuitive Astrology Consultation

60-Min New Client, 30-Min New Client, 60-Min Repeat Client, 30-Min Repeat Client, 3-Pack 30-Min, 3-Pack 60-Min


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