SELF-EMPOWERMENT Program – Personal Session With Jennifer


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Is it time to make a change? Time you took back control of your life?
Do you feel stuck? Are you at a cross road?
Do you have a situation you are working through?
Or are you getting over a situation or person?
Need Help, Guidance, Options, Answers?

Six-session packages:
First session 75 minutes followed with 5 x 30-minute sessions –  $625 
First session 75 minutes followed with 5 x 60-minute sessions –  $995 

Work with Jennifer on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. She will empower you to walk your destined path and get back on track.
She will show you how AMAZING YOU REALLY ARE! And help you take control of your life and step into your greatness!

She will help you see why you are where you are, how you can learn from life and move forward without fear of making the same mistakes again. She shows you how to grow and evolve through your life, leave the baggage behind, and feel positive, inspired and excited to move forward.

Is it time for you to get empowered and take back your life? 
Jennifer’s SELF-EMPOWERMENT Life Coaching program is the most popular program she offers.
She combines:

– Astrological Know-How
– Intuitive Clairvoyant Gifts
– Life-Coaching Skills

Here’s an outline of areas included in your Empowerment Program
Jennifer will design a program that is in line with what you want to accomplish

– Birth Chart Analysis
– Soul LIFE Purpose Revealed
– Karmic Factors and Influences
– Major Planetary Transits
– Solar Return Reading

Intuitive Clairvoyance:
– Amazingly accurate insight into any situation or person
– Clarification of how things really are
– Confirmation of your own inner heart insights

Life Coaching:
– Goal and value setting / where you are and where you want to be
– Find your passion, get in touch with your dream, and how to manifest it
– Conflict resolution – the skills to balance out any situation
– Who are you? How well do you really know yourself
– Meditative progress easy to incorporate in your daily life
– Cutting the life ties, leaving behind what no longer serves you
– Daily empowerment exercise
– Spiritual empowerment daily
– Love for life exercise
– Vibrational healing

Choose from two packages – six sessions per package:
Package One – $625 
– 1 x 75 minute session
– 5 x 30 minute sessions

Package Two – $995 
– 1 x 75 minute session
– 5 x 60 minute sessions

To pay as you go, talk to Jennifer about a payment plan.

Additional information

Empowerment Program

1x75min and 5x30min, 1x75min and 5x60min


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