ONE QUESTION – Recorded by Jennifer

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Astrology, Psychic Tarot or Divining cards to give you an answer to your question, Recorded and sent via Email.


Need an Answer?
Recorded answer via email

Once Jennifer receives your booking, she will reach out to you to ask your question and birth details
Your one question reading/answer will be returned as a recording and via email.

Please include a brief outline of your question, but not too brief, as Jennifer needs some information to tune in to.
Include an overview of your question, make it specific, and also names of people, companies, etc., involved. For people, first name is enough.
You can also send people’s sun sign, and photos if you like as well.

Please allow two business days to receive your recording.
If timing is important, and you need the your reading by a certain day/time then please let Jennifer know at time of booking.

Astrology, Psychic Tarot or Divining cards are used to give you an answer to your question, Recorded and sent via Email.

4 reviews for ONE QUESTION – Recorded by Jennifer

  1. Christine ODonnell (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Jennifer Angel for a reading. She was very prompt in returning the record reading. Her approach was friendly, clear and insightful. She obviously has a profound deep understanding of astrology. I am very pleased that I contacted her for advice on my concerns. Thank you.

    • jennifer

      Thank you so much, Christine, it was a delight to read for you. Good luck with everything. Love and blessings. Jennifer xx

  2. Kabita

    I want to know, how long am i going to live.. Its sad but, it says that my life is short

    • jennifer

      The answer to that question is between you and your creator

  3. Janny (verified owner)

    Jennifer answered our question extensive and with great insight accuracy ! Thank you so much Jennifer, you really helped us out.

    • jennifer

      Thank you so much Janny, so glad I was able to provide some insights for you. Jennifer xx

  4. Precious

    Wish I had the cash but would like to know if my marriage is worth fighting for

    • jennifer

      Stay positivie and alwyas, give life all you have. Jennifer xx

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