Psychic Tarot Reading – Personal Session With Jennifer




Due to popular demand, Jennifer has included Psychic Tarot Reading

Jennifer uses a variety of tarot packs in her readings, for overall answers, love and angelic guidance, whatever she feels is needed at the time of the reading,  sometimes she will use multiple packs.

As Jennifer is an astrologer and life coach, she will ask for your birth details, so she can have a generalized look at your chart, but please understand that this session is not a chart analysis or astrological transit reading.

How Jennifer Does The Psychic Tarot Reading:
She will ask for your birth details details before your session
You can send photos, too, if you like but not necessary
She will take you through a short meditation at the start of the session and call in her guides and angels

After the initial card spread, she will tune in Clairvoyant and psychically.
Jennifer Reads off names and what is going on in your life, so she will ask for some detailed information so she can tune in.

After the reading:
If you would like the session recorded, tell Jennifer at the beginning of the session and she will send you a link to down load the reading after your session.

BOOK NOW Psychic Tarot reading. 50-min $125.

If it is a full chart analysis or astrological reading where jennifer looks at how the planetary transits will effect your life, decisions and questions, you can book the following sessions:

Full chart analysis 90-mins

Astrological intuitive reading – 30 or 60-Min

Astrological intuitive reading – repeat client 30 or 60-Min 




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