8-Weeks to Success!

8-Weeks to Success!

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Intuitive Consultant - Your Success Coach. Soul Purpose - Love for Life - Business Coach. 8-Weeks to Success. 8-Sessions. Know Yourself. Success for Life. Conflict Resolution. Visualization. Letting Go. Daily Empowerment. Opening to Success. Staying In The Zone. Get Started Now! Call Jennifer. 310 990 1736 or Book on Line.

Intuitive Consultant - Your Success Coach!





C H A N G E - Y O U R - L I F E

8 W e e k s T o S u c c e s s - 8 S e s s i o n s - $ 9 9 0

Get Started NOW! Call Jennifer - 310-990-1736

www.JenniferAngel.com - Phone - Skype - In Person, Beverly Hills CA.

  • Know Yourself - Astrological Chart Work
  • Success for Life - Get Clear - Know What You Want
  • Conflict Resolution - What's Holding You Back?
  • Visualization - See Yourself Where You Want To Be
  • Letting Go - Reprogram Your Mind for Success
  • Daily Empowerment - Step Into Your Greatness
  • Opening to Success - Positive Habits - Conscious Change
  • Staying In The Zone - Embracing Your Next Level

Call Jennifer for More Details or Book On Line

    BOOK a 30 or 60-min Session with Jennifer or a Package of Three

    Birth Chart Analysis $300

    • What does the session cover? -BIRTH CHART ANALYZED -KARMIC SOUL PURPOSE -TRANSIT/ SOLAR RETURN -QUESTIONS ANSWERED Your astrological birth Chart analysis is an amazingly enlightening session. Your chart gives you permission to be who you are!

    Psychic and Astrology $80 - $200

    • HAVE QUESTIONS? NEED ANSWERS? What’s happening in your life right now?
 Intuitive Consultations for personal growth and business success. Jennifer combines her Intuitive Foresight, Personal Wisdom, Business Savvy and Astrological Insight. She will help you feel positive, inspired and excited to move forward.

    spiritual and past life $80 - $200

    • SPIRITUAL READING: Your chart reveals Karmic influences and past life scenarios – Learn a Meditative process to incorporate in your daily life – Leave behind what no longer serves you – Daily empowerment – Spiritual empowerment – Love for life – Vibrational healing. – How well do you really know yourself?

    empowerment coaching - $80 - $200

    • LIFE COACHING – Love and Business: – Goal and value setting / where you are and where you want to be – Find your passion, get in touch with your dream, and manifest it – Conflict resolution – the skills to balance any situation, clear the energy and move forward.