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I provide insights and uncannily accurate answers with my Psychic Readings through specific questions. When you ask me a question, I will ask you to be specific about the question so I can then pick up on the energy surrounding the matter you want advice or answers to.

For instance, to ask about your love life is not specific. To ask about someone in particular, a situation, or people concerned with past or present, that is a specific question. If you are asking about a love in the future. I will guide you to ask a question which will allow me to tune in to what is coming up for you.

My readings are from a clairvoyance, clairsentience energy, and as I pick up and tune in via questions, I may ask for some back story, but not too much. A small amount of backstory can be useful to open the gateway to the energy for that particular person or situation, however, too much information can often cloud the information. So, it is important to provide some information but not too much.

I always do a short meditation just before our session, and during this time I can tune into the energy and ask for my and your guides and angelic entities to be present.

This session is a Psychic Reading; however, I may also ask for your birthdates for astrological information and I may also use Tarot cards, but not always.

Once I receive your booking, I will reach out to you to make a suitable time for us both. All readings are done over the phone, or via skype is you are outside of USA or Canada.

Common areas covered in this session:

  • Life Questions
  • Love and Relationships
  • Career development
  • Financial empowerment
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Other questions

I will let you know when the time of the session is coming to a close and ask if you have a last question.

Please come to the session prepared with questions and thoughts of what you want to achieve.

I offer a 10min / 20min / 30min / 40min and 60-minute session with this reading, so depending on how much time you book, make sure to ask your most important questions first, so we don’t run out of time.

Please note; the 10 min session is for one question only. If you would like to continue your reading, if time permits, you can rebook straight away, and we can continue without having to make another time.  

The difference between this session and the Intuitive Astrology reading. Jennifer does not use astrology in the Psychic session, she uses Tarot and Intuitive cards and her clairvoyance, however, she may ask for your sun sign. And as she does not ask your birth details for the psychic reading, there is no preparation or pre work, so she can offer the psychic sessions for different durations. You can book a psychic session for as little as 10-min for one question or up to 60-min. 

Please reach out to me via my email if you have any questions at