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Jennifer Angel is famously known for ten years of writing uncannily accurate daily horoscopes for New York Daily News. View Jennifer’s content
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Horoscopes, columns, and articles. Jennifer’s work can be view on and many other publications. Here are some sample
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Resident astrologer to STAR Magazine. Jennifer stays up to date with celebrity happenings!





New syndication service

Jennifer Angel branded columns and content


We are pleased to announce the new service from celebrity astrologer Jennifer Angel. Famously known for her column in STAR Magazine and horoscopes in The Daily News and NYDailyNews online, and their two apps – which attracted an audience of millions – her exclusive forecasts can now be yours.


  • Daily horoscopes – in 12 x 50 word text form per sign, 365 days.
  • Monthly horoscopes – in a 12 x 75 word text form per sign for 12 months
  • AstroPoodle dog/pet horoscopes – in a 12 x 50 word text form per sign for 12 months
  • The Year Ahead – 3-category version – broken down into life, love, money, career – 500 words text on each of the 12 signs
  • Valentines Day –12 x 100 words per sign covering all 12 signs in categories on subjects such as the ideal present, ideal night, etc.
  • Special Events and holidays –12 x 100 words per sign covering all 12 signs

Astrological related features

  • Predictive forecasts for Superbowl, sporting events, elections, presidential elections, other events
  • Celebrity couples – proving to be popular – an astrological probability of compatibility ratings between two people according to their star sign. This can be general or as in-depth as my personal readings

Relationship and lifestyle features

  • The good, bad and ugly of each star sign
  • Dating tips for each star sign
  • The perfect proposal for each star sign
  • How to attract to partner of your dreams per star sign
  • Wedding ideas and drama per star sign
  • How to decorate your house per star sign
  • Fashion personality by your star sign
  • How to get your perfect beach body per star sign
  • … any idea you think of, I can write an astrological feature around it.

Next Steps…

Whether you are a multinational publication or a small site and want to draw more customers to your site or publication every single day, week or month, Jennifer’s content can help you do that.

To find out more and talk to Jennifer about your specific requirements, and budget, Contact Jennifer and start a communication.