“Jennifer Angel is a natural on camera, and her words flow so easily and fluidly. She always amazes me by her ability to reach out and engage the audience and make viewers feel like she’s talking directly to them. When I’m working with her, she rarely has to do any retakes and requires very little prompting. She is able to take an astrological reading and go beyond what the stars are predicting and give insightful advice on how to interpret and use the naturally flowing energy to reach your full potential.”

Lindsay Meeks

Former Senior Video Producer, New York Daily News

“I’m writing to you on behalf of the PMK*BNC office here in NYC. We are a PR agency working with a variety of brands and talent and are avid readers of your horoscopes (we do not miss a day). Your words truly speak to each of us, relating to our lives in ways we could not even begin to imagine. From the Libras to the Capricorn, we take our daily horoscope reads very seriously and it has become a ritual amongst the entire office.”



“I follow you on YouTube. Can’t start the Month or Week without listening to you. Keep up the good work of guidance. Even if something doesn’t come true the hope you create in me is what helps me through the tough times. I appreciate the way you put your point and like the way you communicate. Being an Aquarian I vibe only with higher minds. I am a fan of yours for many years”



Next Steps…

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