JUPITER, the beneficiary and visionary planet of abundance, good fortune and opportunity in Capricorn for all of 2020 heightens success and purpose in your career. During this time, each sign will capitalize and use the energy in a different way. Here is an overview of how that can look for you.



Success Code: Make decisions. You are Passionate. You put massive amounts of action into whatever you do.
Your Challenge: Not to make rash decisions. and not to be too impulsive .
Jupiter in CAPRICORN: Career advancement, development & promotion. You can be in right place right time. Trust universe to provide. Think abundantly.

Success Code: You are Persistent. And you never give up!
Your Challenge: You don’t like change. And you are hesitant to step out of comfort zone
Jupiter in CAPRICORNYour area of soul purpose sits firmly with your career this year. Follow your heart. When you do what you love, the money will follow. Be strategic with planning. Think through what you want.


Success Code: You educate yourself. You’re smart. Inquisitive
Your Challenge: Take on too much. Distracted-Less Productivity
Jupiter in CAPRICORN: Learn about investments. Knowledge makes you feel safe. Focus on end result. One step at a time. Feel the fear and just do it!

Success Code: Follow your Instincts. If it feels right-you do it. You are a savvy smart operator.
Your Challenge: You can be changeable with mood swings, and go purely with your emotions over logical thinking.
Jupiter in CAPRICORNWatch for chance meetings – Synchronicity. Connect with those who live the life you want. Love, luck and money can combine. Prioritize. Make a daily To-Do-List

Success Code: Bold, Brave and Beautiful. Your are Positive and Productive.
Your Challenge: You can take over. You can also be very bossy. Self Focused. And you often make assumptions.
Jupiter in CAPRICORNHelp others with their goals and yours will materialize, too. Focus on health / wellbeing. Achieve a level of balance. To be your best sel, get organzied, make a plan and stick to it.

Success Code: Perfectionist. Detailed oriented and you are an excellent support person.
Your ChallengeTo get beyond yourself to visualize the grand plan. Connect with family.
Jupiter in CAPRICORN: Be creative and think outside the box. Sell, negotiate and make the deal. Expect the best and that’s what you will attract.

Success Code: You are a very fair person and diplomatic. People person. And you look at pros & cons before making a decisions.
ChallengeTo let go of a need to fix everything and everyone. Let life be. And let others live as they feel fit.
Jupiter in CAPRICORNTeach those you love how to be financially independent. Invest in real estate. Work from home. As always, balance between the different areas of life is your key to succeed.

Success Code: You are smart, shrewd and strategic. You are also capable of stepping out of comfort zone to get what you want.
Your Challenge To trust others, and no be worried or skeptical about their intention. And to accept unconditionally.
Jupiter in CAPRICORNFinancial education. Learn as much as you can and pass on to others. You are both the student and the teacher this year. Write a book, you ahve plentry to tell!

Success Code: You are positive. You are also fortunate in life and blessed to have a visionary outlook and adventurous spirit.
Your ChallengeFocus on the details. Operate and act in the here & now
Jupiter in CAPRICORN: Money management and diversity. Self-empowerment. Mind power. The more you believe you are worth more the more you will receive.

Success Code: Ambitious. Consistent. Focused. Organized. Controlled. Methodical
Your Challenge: To take more action, and be less in control. Think on feet. Let life get messy
Jupiter in CAPRICORNStand by-Opportunities! People, things, situations are abundant in your life now, but it’s up to you to take action. Choose for the right reasons and it will happen. Think big!

Success Code: Highly Creative-Intellectual Once you gather the knowledge you have the Know-How to put it into action
Your Challenge: To combine logic with instincts. And to be less in your head so you are more approachable
Jupiter in CAPRICORNDream Big! Visualize what you want, see yourself there. Do the inner work. Let go of the past & self imposed limitations. Trust yoru intuition and open to abundance.

Success Code: You are imaginative. You dream Big and visualize. And you are very engaging and present with people.
Your ChallengeTo you combine idealism with realism. And to not be too sensitive
Jupiter in CAPRICORN: Socialize, and get comfortable with electronic interaction. Connect and combine efforts with like-minded people. Give back and give knowledge to help others.

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