Your Zodiac Beauty Code for 2018

Find out how this year’s major planetary transits can enhance your beauty and influence your overall beauty and style. Use the planet’s energy to  step out and make a statement of power.

Red highlighters
Red, the color of passion, is perfectly attuned to Aries ruled by motivational passionate planet Mars. Highlight and illuminate with Red Highlights. For a go getter Aries, it’s the perfect beauty accessory to show off your best assets. And with Jupiter’s position in your chart, it’s about getting in touch with the real you.

Statement eyeliner
Creative Uranus, the sign where anything is accepted approved and acknowledged, moves to Taurus. An eyeliner like the Upside-Down-Liner is a must for you to step up and take a stand with what you want, and don’t take no for an answer. Be bold, daring and gorgeous! After all, Taurus, you are ruled by beautiful Venus, and you deserve it! 

Two Toned eye shadow
Two of anything works for Gemini the twins! Spice up your look with a Two Toned Eye Shadow, which is perfect to get attention. Let’s face it, Gemini loves to talk, and with a solar and lunar eclipse this coming year in your area of communication and creativity, it’s time for a new look, a look that gets everyone talking.

Gloss, Shimmer and Shine
As Cancer is ruled by the silvery shimmery Moon, Gloss all over your face is the perfect beauty enhancement for this sensitive water sign. With reality planet Saturn in your relationship zone, a little fantasy shimmer will help soften the mood. And as the eclipses are close by, as always, the Moon energy has a strong influence on you.

Thumbprint eyeliner
Lunar and Solar eclipses in Leo focuses the attention on being true to you, and to dance in your own circle of power. It’s a combination of emotional, intense and sultry. What better way to get noticed and join the ranks of the hottest celebrities by creating fabulous thumbprint eye looks.

Shade, shape and highlight
Connections are important to Virgo this year! With the influence of solid Saturn in your chart, you can join forces with friends and colleagues that will be in your circle of nearest and dearest for the long-term. Wear your shade, shape and highlighter with confidence and step out of your comfort zone to see and be seen.

Allover eye color
With so much planetary placement and activity influencing Libra’s chart in 2018, an Allover Eye Color graduated in tone will have you covered. Ruled by Venus, you are in your element with fashion, color and glamour! And when you are in the spotlight, as you will very much be as the year progresses, you need to make a statement! 

Sunset Sunshine Eyes
Bright golds, orange and gilded finishes; perfect for Scorpio! With Planet of abundance, Jupiter, known as the lucky beneficiary planet, in Scorpio until November 2018, nothing says success like gold! Sunset Sunshine Eyes is a message for Scorpios, that positive energy is powerful. 

Not so grown up glitter
As a Sagittarian, you’re flirtatious by nature. You can be fun and let loose to release tension. And with responsible Saturn having departed from your sign, So go wild with the glitter, face and body, it’s a perfect way to remind yourself that life doesn’t always have to be serious. 

Golden highlighter
Saturn in Capricorn, one of the signs this reality planet rules, can seem like hard work while you move up the success ladder. But what you do now will set solid foundations for the future. If you put the work in, your efforts will be returned with gold. The Golden Highlighter is perfect to keep you focused on your end result. 

Bold red, feminist lipstick
As Eclipses are in Aquarius and right opposite your sign in 2018, there is no time or place this year to be shy. It’s time to stand up, face your inner emotional fears and take your place in the spotlight. Be bold and fabulous with a bright red, burgundy or deep colored Lipstick!  

Twiggy lashes with a twist
Jupiter, Pisces co-ruler, is in an area of your chart that helps you think big, be totally idealist and visualize the very best outcome for everything. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and Pisces connect in a potent way with their eyes. And as the eyes are also fun and flirtatious, the Twiggy lashes with a Twist, or any lashes, can help unleash your inner goddess!